About Desoire

Desoire was founded by Neha Sikder at 14, driven by a desire for more in the genderless fashion industry. Now 17, Neha believes genderless fashion can be more than just graphic sweatshirts. Why not promote femininity for everyone? The most daring looks were reserved for influencers, while everyday people were confined to muted options. Baggier, more masculine clothing became the mainstream definition of "genderless." But gender-neutral clothing doesn't have to be shapeless. While fashion beyond gender isn't revolutionary, the future lies in acceptance in encouraging everyone to push boundaries.

Hi, I'm Neha

At 14, Neha Sikder founded Desoire, a sustainable, genderless fashion brand vision to redefine femininity as empowering for every gender. Neha was inspired by her Indian heritage that demonstrates men's embrace of diverse clothing. Through Desoire, Neha challenges limiting norms and inspires a movement for freedom of expression, all while advocating for fair labor and a minimized environmental impact.


"Fashion is a tool of identity. How one chooses to express themselves is their solution, not strangers."

Masculine and feminine energies were designed to coexist.: While others may see this norms as unusual, we see potential. You are here to reinvent today's rules for a better tomorrow. You deserve a platform for your ideas. Desoire believes growth comes from individuals like you, pushing society's boundaries forward.

"Exploring the area between masculinity and femininity."

Our goal is to build a community that empowers you to act without fear, breaking the rules and discarding misleading preconceptions. Be a game-changer and question the status quo. Without the desire for change, we cannot evolve.

Our values go beyond clothing; they inspire you to discover and embrace your best self. This is your show. Through our clothing, we want you to feel unstoppable, elegant, and beautiful, while committing to a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.