About Desoire

Desoire was started by Neha Sikder, at aged 15 with anger for more within the genderless fashion industry. Although an already known idea, it felt like the concept was being milked what it was.

Now 17 years old, Neha believes genderless fashion can be so much more than a simple graphic sweatshirt. Why couldn't we promote femininity for all genders? It seemed the most daring of looks were only being pulled off by the influential. In contrast, everyday people were restricted to "muted" options. Baggier, more masculine clothing seemed to be the mainstream definition of "genderless." But the reality is that gender-neutral clothing does not have to mean shapeless garments. While there is nothing revolutionary about fluid fashion, the future is normalizing wearing beyond gender, encouraging everyone to push the boundaries.

Hi, I'm Neha

Neha is the 17 year old behind Desoire. She's a teenager on a mission to redefine freedom of expression. We stand with you on our journey of de-gendering fashion, and hope you leave here feeling inspired to make a change.


"Fashion is a tool of identity. How one chooses to express themselves is their solution, not strangers."

Masculine and feminine energies were designed to coexist; how one embraces their femininity or masculinity doesn't determine their value. Where most wrongly view challenging old ways of expression as out of the ordinary, we see your potential. You are here to reinvent today's rules to build a better tomorrow. You deserve a platform to spread ideas. Desoire believes that growth occurs from individuals like you, willing to push the boundaries of society forward.

"Exploring the area between masculinity and femininity."

"I am powerful. I am free."

It's our goal to build a community that empowers you to act without fear - reminding you that we can choose to break the rules, forgetting those that hold misleading preconceptions of how we should be. Be a game changer, question the status quo, the conventional way of living. Because without anger or a desire for change, we will never evolve. Beyond clothing, our values can be applied to anyone. It's about discovering what makes you feel the best version of yourself and bringing it to life no matter what anyone else says. This is your show.

Throughout our clothing, we want you to feel unstoppable. To feel elegant and beautiful. All while making a promise towards a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.