Striving for a better future

Fashion's undeniable impact on the environment has given us a chance to look back and correct the ways of our production and consumption cycle. For us, this means choosing eco-friendlier fabrics with minimal impact, fair labor for our manufacturers, and choosing recyclable, compostable packaging. We are blessed to have such wonderful partners who advocate for ethical labor, using energy efficient production methods.


Two of the most significant gaps in the fashion industry are its massive waste issue and the constant violation of workers’ rights. Neither should be tolerated anywhere, yet it can be improved by consistently educating ourselves. The fashion industry has long been known as an exploitation center, but it doesn't have to be that way. We're doing our best to ensure that our products are made under fair conditions and minimize waste where possible.

We've researched to find partners who focus on sustainable, eco-friendly practices with good working conditions. Our production side uses zero-waste pattern engineering, where every inch of fabric is used with no waste left over. By using a more effective way of pattern cutting, our production avoids the excess textile waste that is typically made, saving around 15% of the fabric thrown in traditional garment manufacturing.


Our poly mailers are composed of 100% recycled LDPE and HDPE. This means low-density polyethylene, plastic and high-density polyethylene plastic. These forms of polyethylene work to reduce its environmental impact, requiring less energy to be produced and do not give off any harmful fumes.

When it comes to reducing our environmental impacts, less is always more. But using less doesn't stop us from having a pleasant unboxing experience for you.

Let's keep it going.

We're doing our best to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, carefully considering every material and package and ensuring equality for who's making our clothes. While we're still building our story, you can be a part of this change. A little goes a long way. What choices will you make today to redefine tomorrow?